MarlinX features

  • GPS - Delivering to you visually through the App and audibly through your headset, Speed, Pace, Distance, Time, Heart rate. 

  • Stroke Coach - Delivering strokes per minute, and in programme mode telling you if you need to go up or down, just like a coach or cox.

  • Navigation - Plot your course and follow your waypoints, MarlinX will keep you on course through voice advice.

  • Erg - Link your Concept 2 PM5 to the app, record your scores, your power curves and your movement curves.  

  • Training Programme - Plan your programme, put it into the easy-to-use app and let MarlinX take you through your session, from hands only to full out pieces, just like a personal coach. 

  • Remote Coaching - see your crews metrics and movement from using QR codes to ensure there is no crossover from other coaches

Now the clever stuff!

  • Telemetry - the MarlinX tracks your every movement, so you can see your individual movement pattern through the stroke, both in the drive phase and your rotational movement, painting a picture for us to see where you can improve your stroke. 

  • Crew Telemetry - Link up all 8 rowers to the app and see your crew movement, see where you can improve your movement patterns together. All recorded for playback, showing you your speed against your movement at exact points down the course. 

  • Boat Check - you can see your boat check (the negative movement of your boat) against the movements you make, giving you instant feedback to make the boat move faster without working harder.


  • MarlinX can AI (Artificial Intelligence) coach you!! You or your coach will program in your ideal stroke and MarlinX will watch your movement and correct you to achieve your perfect stroke.




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MarlinX was born out of the need to design the ultimate rowing technology device. We started working on the delivery of information via a voice, giving the MarlinX the ability to tell you your rate, pace, distance, time at whatever interval you desire, just like a cox.

From here we were able to create a course-planning app and then the ability to steer you to your next way point, great for novice coxes and perfect for coastal rowers.


The MarlinX is worn on the neck of the T-shirt or top of the lycra. This gave us the idea to use a gyro that could trace your body movement. The powerful gyro we are using allows us to see not only the movement on the back, but also your connection, hand movements, knees and slide along with rotational movement to bow or strokeside. On the blade you can see how long you are rowing, when you are in the water and if you are moving your blade/s with the rest of the crew. 

This allows us to see the full picture of your stroke without ever seeing the visual picture of you rowing. 

At this point we also put boat check into the app, so we could see how your movement affected the boat movement, so we can coach you without ever seeing your row!!

The MarlinX will record all the action and play it back, giving you a full re-run of your session or race, just like being filmed throughout your session.

So if we can do it for one person, can we do it for 8? We then went one stage further, linking up your entire crew (8) to the App, so you can see what everyone did for every stroke throughout your race or session, making it easier to see when and more importantly, how you got that extra speed!

We then thought if we connect the Concept 2 PM5 to the App, you would be able to trace every session and every stroke and all your data would be collected in one easy-to-access place, so no more adding results into spreadsheets, no more taking pictures of screens (unless its for the gram), no more trust me I'm a coach, more understanding of why some people work better together and how we can work better together in the future!  

With more data and time MarlinX will be able to understand the rowing stroke and deliver audible advice on how you can improve, just like a cox or coach does now! 

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Key Features 

- Realtime Audio and Visual feedback for Rate, Speed, Distance, Pace

- GPS Navigation with audio cues

- Body and blade movement tracking 

- Realtime crew movement pattern 

- Remote coaching (requires 4G connection) 

- Live video and movement curve overlap

- Power curve and body movement on rowing machine