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Marlin X

Here at MarlinX we have been working hard to create an all-in-one GPS, Telemetry, Stroke Coach, Erg App, Training Programme delivery system.

MarlinX has been designed by Rowers for Rowers and with many years experience at all levels of the sport we know what makes it easier to get the little things done.

Our aim is for NO more writing scores down, NO more multiple devices, NO more PHD results readouts for telemetry, NO more setting up a boat for hours and telemetry not working! Just clip the MarlinX onto your body or blade and off you go!!​

MarlinX features

  • GPS - Delivering to you visually through the App and audibly through your headset, Speed, Pace, Distance, Time, Heart rate. 

  • Stroke Coach - Delivering strokes per minute, and in programme mode telling you if you need to go up or down, just like a coach or cox.

  • Navigation - Plot your course and follow your waypoints, MarlinX will keep you on course through voice advice.

  • Erg - Link your Concept 2 PM5 to the app, record your scores, your power curves and your movement curves.  

  • Training Programme - Plan your programme, put it into the easy-to-use app and let MarlinX take you through your session, from hands only to full out pieces, just like a personal coach. 

Now the clever stuff!

  • Telemetry - the MarlinX tracks your every movement, so you can see your individual movement pattern through the stroke, both in the drive phase and your rotational movement, painting a picture for us to see where you can improve your stroke. 

  • Crew Telemetry - Link up all 8 rowers to the app and see your crew movement, see where you can improve your movement patterns together. All recorded for playback, showing you your speed against your movement at exact points down the course. 

  • Boat Check - you can see your boat check (the negative movement of your boat) against the movements you make, giving you instant feedback to make the boat move faster without working harder.

Introducing Remote Coaching  and Live video

To avoid any loss of connection to the coaches launch we created the remote coaching section, letting you see the same screen data as the athletes in the boat.  

Simply load up your crews to the MarlinX app share the session through our secure QR system and see their movements, metrics and GPS location in the launch or anywhere in the world!

Film your athletes as you would normally then toggle in and out of the MarlinX graph and see the movements you make and the corrections you can make.